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23rd-Jul-2007 08:29 am - Now what??
I feel lost. Normally we immediately look to the next book, but there isn't one.  I feel like I don't know what to do with myself...
21st-Jun-2007 04:57 pm(no subject)
DH Spoilers....don't worry this post does not contain spoilers. I just saw an article that the book ending has been leaked.  

Something about a hacker that got into Bloomsbury or something.  So the spoilers are on their way.  It seems too early for leaked books and stuff. We still have a month from today. Give me a break. Ah well, I'm going to lock down my journal I guess. Friend only commenting and such.

Hackers are evil.
6th-Jun-2007 04:12 pm - I'm so cool...
Jaime5 --

A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>
9th-May-2007 08:17 pm - Heroes
So, last week's episode was very exciting, but this weeks was kinda eh...although meeting Sylar's Mom was cool. Anyway, I'm looking at her and I'm thinking she looks familiar. So out of nowhere it occurs to me...

26th-Apr-2007 10:47 pm - Who has my PHONE???
Its beautiful new phone...the only one I ever actually paid for....

I thought I left it in the movie theater tonight, but I went & checked...not there

not in my car...

not in my purse...

I dunno if it fell out somewhere or if somebody stole it out of my purse...

Luckily I still  have my old disco phone and a sim card, so I can still be reached and haha to the fuckers who may have stolen my can't  use it...haha...changed the sim card # with my carrier...haha
13th-Apr-2007 02:14 pm - what is up with traffic this week??
So again I'm in traffic, going to get lunch. There is mini van on my right with a whole bunch of stickers and stuff. I know that everyone is familiar with the ribbon magnets, pink=breast cancer, yellow=support our troops etc... well she had a green ribbon and it said....Support Severus. So I start squeeing and OMG in my car. I thought it was fabulous
11th-Apr-2007 10:00 pm - The Clampetts come to Town
So, sometimes sitting in traffic can be interesting. I was on my way home today and I was stopped at a light under an overpass. You know, very echoey. I heard a loud bang and started looking around to see if people were shooting at each other or if it was a car back fire. I don't hear screaming or see people running so I'm thinking it was a car. The guys behind me were looking around too. Whatever. So we move on down the road and the truck behind me gets in the lane to my right. Its a brown S10 pickup with a muddy dirtbike strapped to the back. I say strapped but I should say jiggy rigged, they had some bungee cords and a piece of ply wood. Very safe. I've noticed that the back fire is following me down the road. I'm watching this pickup truck and while we are stopped they are revving the engine trying to make their truck back fire. Everytime it bangs Jethro would look at his friend and laugh. It was slightly annoying and eventually I thought that I would like to run them into a ditch, but they turned. Ah well.
Stolen from everybody...

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2nd-Apr-2007 04:59 pm - Yay!
Stolen from l_kay who happens to be smarter than me.

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Damn those grammer questions.
14th-Feb-2007 10:34 pm - Strange Meat
Those of you who were at the driving lessons party will understand this icon. Its been bouncing around in my brain for a while.
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